Netflix’s Little Witch Academia Season 2: Kill La Kill…With Magic And Witches!

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Thank you season 2, thank you!

As I said in my review of season 1 of Little Witch Academia, it was a little rough, but with major potential. Sure enough, this season started with a bang, and just kept getting better and better! I’m so damn happy. I just want to jump over the moon.

Now before I get to the review, I have to aknowledge the elephant in the room. This show is basically Kill La Kill, but with witches and magic. If you’ve seen Kill La Kill, you understand. If you haven’t seen it, go! Go and watch it NOW! It’s one of my favorite anime of all time, and is by the same studio, Trigger. I won’t go into detail of why they are insanely similar, but they follow the same story structure, down to: filler, plot points, backstory, character types, and obviously there animation is the same. Even though these two series are similar, I do think they stand on their own, and use the same structure, but different content. Which I think is great, because I love Trigger, and what they produce.

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So let’s cut the chase and get to this review.

This is my review of Netflix’s Little Witch Academia Season 2 by Studio Trigger! Slight Spoilers Ahead! 

Akko Our Main Girl!

Finally, Akko becomes a real character! As I said in my review of season 1, Akko was way to stereotypical. She was the bouncy, fun-loving, hopeful girl who has no skills or training, but is persistent so she gets what she wants. But this time they gave her more complex emotions and moments. She doubted herself, she felt defeated, she felt betrayed, she felt sad and hurt. All of these different emotions and situations gave her grit and also made her vulnerable. Akko turned from a one-dimensional character to a complex one, that was ten times more relatable.Image result for little witch academia season 2 Akko

When her friends are about to be killed by the moss magical virus, she has a true moment where she thinks she is out of time, and feels like a failure. In this moment she got so real with herself. She doubted her abilities and if she could truly become a witch and save people.Image result for little witch academia season 2 Akko

Another great moment was when she realized that Silver Chariot stole some of her magic as a child. It was so real! Her idol, her reason for wanting to become a witch, suddenly crushed in front of her. It reminded me of being a kid and thinking your parents are the center of your world and that they are perfect. Then you grow up and realize that they are just people, flawed, hurt, and make mistakes, but that they are just people trying to do their best. It was just an amazing moment, and a great motivation for Akko to grow and change.

Supporting Cast Become Real! 

Along with Akko becoming real, so do most of the secondary characters. These character got more dialogue, more things to do, and showed their personalities, fears, passions, etc. We also got to see a lot of their backstories, which was wonderful, and i’ll give a couple examples.

Image result for little witch academia season 2 end fightDiana easily became one of my favorite characters. Her two part episode where we got to see her home and family was amazing. It gave context to her usually stern and stiff persona. Diana has a lot riding on her shoulders we find out. Her parents both died when she was young, and her aunt and cousins are selfish, greedy, and materialistic.
Diana wants to become the head of her house name so she can bring honor to it, but also wants to study more at Luna Nova. We also saw her become more vulnerable, letting Akko help her, and realizing that she isn’t, and can never be, perfect.


We also got to see the backstory of Ursula(Chariot) and Croix. They started out friends, but then a pivotal moment occurred changing their relationship. The Silver Rod choose Chariot and not Croix, without rhyme or reason. There essential differences of how they thought, how they acted, and what they wanted to accomplish, tore them apart. It was nice to see their journey from start to finish, and it was an arch, showing all there ups and downs.Image result for little witch academia season 2 chariot and croix

The only downside is that I still don’t think Akko’s best pals Sucy and Lotte were not expanded on enough. But oh well, they served there purpose.

Story Story Story 

So remember me saying in my season 1 review that the story seemed muffled and not all that goal driven. That is fixed! The season immediately starts us out with the overarching  goal. Retrieve the lost words to open the door to unleash the world altering magic.

Excellent, that’s one box checked off!

Then, within each episode, there were nicely placed sub plots and story lines. Each word Akko had to retrieve contained a certain theme surround by it, which was thus mimicked in the tone, adventure, and characters within the episode. So the episode was bringing us further to the ultimate goal, but within the episode we were taken on a side arch that gave us more information about the world and characters in general!

Another box checked!

It was abousitly fantastic!

I also felt the actual plot points and reveals were masterfully done and mad sense. When it got revealed why Akko couldn’t fly, it all made sense! The magic Silver Chariot used at the performance when she was a kid took some it. That’s honestly fantastic writing and ties everything together tightly. On top of this, the reveal that Diana was also at the performance, and was also affected by that experience when she was a child, made this plot point so amazing! It tied everyone together. Diana, Akko, Chariot, and Croix, and made their relationships make sense while creating tension and bonds. Image result for little witch academia season 2 akko young

This season also had a lot of “feels”. This was not only due to the characters being vulnerable and real with themselves and each other, but also they had room to breathe. A lot of shows tend to rush to get to the mushy gushy parts, and the pay off isn’t big. This anime took its time sewing the seeds, and once reaching that climatic emotional moments really letting us basked in it, and feel what these characters felt.

Animation To The Max, Music To The Max

The animation is still amazing. Still colorful, still whimsical, still extremely energetic.

The fight scenes were so amazing. I loved when we first see Professor Ursula change into Silver Chariot and fought all of Croix’s minions and magical beast. I also loved the animation of the magical missile and the girls all flying the broom using their specific powers and gifts.

Something that was wildly hilariously is that they had a Mecha episode. Leave it to Trigger to shove a mecha in a show that is completely about magic and witches. Just cracks me up.Image result for little witch academia season 2 mecha

When it comes to the music, I thought it was really well placed in scenes and fit the mood. When the scene was sad, more melancholy music played. When the scene was action, music was pumping me up!

The second opening theme song was also such a banger! Mind Conductor by YURiKA. It captured the series so well. It was upbeat and fun while have a theme of hopefulness.


Little Witch Academia blew my socks off! So many great improvements from the first season and they really elevated the material to where it should be. Even though anime watchers tend to have issues with Studio Trigger, I keep loving all the material they push out, and this show is no different.

So give it a watch, let me know what you think of it! Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you all!

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