Monday Music: 5 Great Anime Songs You Should Be Listening To!

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A major factor of me enjoying an anime is either the opening or ending song. They are the first and last thing hear, and make a huge impact on how I view the show, and especially how much I end up remembering the show! Even if the anime isn’t that good, sometimes I stick around just for the music. That’s how powerful it is!

So i’m going to make a few of these list because there are so many great songs from anime, and the list is ALWAYS growing! I’m also going to try to put a variety of genres and sounds on the list.

So here are 5 excellent anime songs that will stay in your head all day!  

1.) Brave Shine by Aimer: Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works, Second Opening 

This song is so damn good, and I feel like it never gets the recognition it should! It has such a feeling of hope and power that your whole body will be overcome with the song. And Aimer’s voice is so unique, it goes right through me!

2.) Vitalization by Nana Mizuki : Symphogears G Opening 

For a series about singing being the universal language, this song anyone can jam to. It has a cool edm and techno vibe with operatic singing. It’s truly unique combo.

3.) Digimon Theme Song

I had to put a classic on this list. Digimon is one of my favorite anime, and when they created the english dubbed with the original song, it made Digimon a true 90’s classic.

4.) Traumerei by LiSA: Day Break Illusion 

So I didn’t even end up finishing Day Break Illusion, but the song stuck with me because it really has some spunk and staying power. Also, LiSA’s just amazing!

5.) Fade by One Reason: Deadman Wonderland

This song is perfect for this anime. If you’ve ever watched Deadman Wonderland, it’s pretty morbid, crazy, and angry. Fade perfectly embodies that song with a lot of power and pure rock n roll vibe mixed with some alternative.

So those are the 5. Let me know what you think of them and if you jam out to any? Leave some comments below!


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